5. "Offsite" - HOME DETAILS

Meeting aesthetic and quality needs

Once we know the layout of your home, the next critical part of getting to your “home cost” is knowing what is going into your home.  You will work with your Overstreet Sales Rep to determine finishes. It’s important to remember that not all floor plans of the same size are finished the same.  

Overstreet offers several different “Series” of homes from a more economical option to top-of-the-line.  Those details will encompass the aesthetic of your new home.  The variation of series helps us with “starting points” for customers who have different new home needs. 

We are determined to help you find the perfect mix of finishes for your home and will need to spend some time working through which of the series is the best starting point for your budget and expectations.  Once we have the series selected we can tweak from there to get your perfect fit!

Builder models are important tools in helping with finishes.  We like to refer to the model homes as the “catalogs” for selling.  When customers ask what certain upgrades look like they can point right at them and say “here is the upgraded.”  It is an extremely helpful tool in determining what you want in your new home!

As we work through your new home needs and wants, we use photos from past customer’s homes or the internet to help customers fully understand what they are buying from standard features to high end upgrades. During meetings with your sales rep, you will hear about the quality that Overstreet offers to ALL purchasers regardless of the series of homes. 

It is important to talk through those details so that you fully understand what you are getting! Remember! 

Overstreet Builders does not limit your options to what is seen in the model.  Because we are custom, your home can truly be unique!  If you have ideas in your head, we’ll help you bring them to life!  

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